Taking Care For A Longer Wear

Right, I must admit that I love caring for my nails just as much as I love nail polish. I am forever looking into ways to ensure my nails stay healthy and strong, both when polish is applied and without . I recently purchased Cutex Ultra Cleansing Nail Polish remover for natural nails, I was drawn to this polish due to the fact it consists of green tea and Vitamin E . Vitamin E is essential for healthy nail growth , I have been using a Vitamin E nail and cuticle oil, which has helped my nails grow up and maintain a healthier appearance (see previous blog post).

£1.59 from Superdrug http://www.superdrug.com

A great tip I have learnt that helps nail polish stay on longer is, after filing, buffing and cleaning the nails is to wipe the nails with nail polish remover. Believe it or not but this takes off any oil or dust that maybe on the nail, immediately after doing this apply your chosen base coat and then proceed to polish the nails with the chosen nail polish .

Trying this method along with a quality nail polish AND caring for your nails will help to obtain a longer polish wear . I tried this method for the first time last week and my polish lasted 7 days !!

To reiterate, caring for your nails when having polish on will also add to the length of wear. A major key for me is to always wear rubber gloves when cleaning and to moisture hands and nails straight after being in water.

My nail look of  last week – M.Y.N.X London ‘Kandid Galaxy’ https://mynxlondon.com

To sum up, if you care for nail polish then be sure to take care of you nails, as you will see the benifits of this.

Wishing you all a good and chip free week .


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