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Hey Nail Lovers,

I am so excited to blog about Handirest. For anyone who may not know about Handirest it is a great accessory that keeps the fingers in place when doing manicures, nail art and applying polish.

I  had my  nails polished while using the Handirest and I can honestly say that it is far more comfortable than having my hands on a bare table or propped over a towel. I found the product quite smooth and I would have no issues with getting my nails done regularly using it.

The Handirest has seven channels to place the fingers allowing use for both right and left hand. The Handirest is not overly soft so fingers do not sink in but are fully supported, the top end of it is raised which allows for seemless polish application as manicurists will not have to stop to fix the hands. I  believe that nail bars and salons will find this to be a perfect accessory when tending to clients .

I had my nails polished on Sunday whilst at the , where at the Handirest stall these products were selling for £7 (usually £9.99 on Handirest website) my nail polish is still going strong and today I added a top coat over the polish to give more shine. I used my pink Handirest whilst applying the top coat and what I like best about this accessory is that it offers great support and stability for doing my own nails. It is a durable product and easy to wipe clean, which is ‘handi’ if I am to do friends nails for a girly night in .

Opi ‘Berlin There Done That’ polish &  Handirest  in Pink

Handirest currently comes in four colours – Black, Pink, Purple and a Fab Pink for Breast Cancer Awarness (£2 of each Fab Pink Handirest bought is donated to Breast Cancer) you can purchased via, just to name a few 🙂

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