Crazy over Nail Caddy

Hey Nail Lovers, I just cannot contain my excitment over the new nail organiser I have,  which is *drum roll * the Nail Caddy!!! If you have not heard about it do not fear as I have all the details you need. The Nail Caddy is, a double sided stylish […]

Nude Nails

For those who are lovers of nude nail polish, you will be just as excited as I was when I was introduced to the Bianca Miller London- Nude Hues Gel Collection. This polish collection comes in 5 different nude hues, offering a colour to compliment various skin tones. I do […]

March Nail File

Throughout March I chose to play around with my nail looks, and although a winter month, I decided to add in brighter colours and of course some sparkle..why? well why not?! Remember there are no rules to this nail game people, so at times just dare to be different. See […]

A Remedy For Perfect Nails

I live by the motto ‘healthy nails are the prettiest’, so I was extremely excited to be introduced to the nail polish and nail care brand Dr’s Remedy. To give you a little insight, Dr’s Remedy products are formulated by actual Doctors!! This line aids brittle and discoloured nails and […]

February Nail File 2

The Nail File: Below are my nail looks throughout February. Week 1: Still a Tropical Nail Gel Tip Polish- Daisy DND Tropical Teal Gel Polish Chip Test Application– x2 coats I had this gel manicure done towards the end of January for a vacation, they lasted 14 days before I […]

So Handi 5

Hey Nail Lovers, I am so excited to blog about Handirest. For anyone who may not know about Handirest it is a great accessory that keeps the fingers in place when doing manicures, nail art and applying polish. I  had my  nails polished while using the Handirest and I can […]

January Nail File 2

The Nail File: I polish my nails each week using different nail brands and leave on for around 5 days . Below is an overview of my nail looks over the last month with Chip Test. (Weekly nail looks with updates are posted on my Instagram page). January ‘Colours for […]

Nail Travels

As the blog title suggests I have recently been on vacation and have now returned home to London. When I go away for more than 4 days I always tend to get a shellac manicure done. Reason being is I find shellac polish to be more durable than normal nail […]

Taking Care For A Longer Wear

Right, I must admit that I love caring for my nails just as much as I love nail polish. I am forever looking into ways to ensure my nails stay healthy and strong, both when polish is applied and without . I recently purchased Cutex Ultra Cleansing Nail Polish remover […]

Quick Nail Break!

Hey All, I am just going to get straight to it, I HATE IT WHEN MY NAILS BREAK !! I’m sure that I’m not the only one who absolutely loathes this, imagine, your going about your day doing whatever it is you do, with your stunning manicure and then the […]