Nude Nails

For those who are lovers of nude nail polish, you will be just as excited as I was when I was introduced to the Bianca Miller London- Nude Hues Gel Collection. This polish collection comes in 5 different nude hues, offering a colour to compliment various skin tones.

I do love a good nude colour, I find it gives my nails a professional polished look, which is great for work. What I like about the Bianca Miller London Nude Hues collection is (1) the name of each Nude Hues and (2) the durable gel effect based.

Bianca Miller London, nude using ‘Dream’ and splash of pink in ‘Inspire’. Both of these gel collection polishes are £6.99    

In the picture above I have on the Nude Hue in ‘Dream’ with a splash of ‘Inspire’. I must say, I was first drawn to these two colours due to the names, I am an Aquarius and consider myself a dreamer(also a doer), one who lives to inspire, hence my polish choice. The polish names are unique to this brand, and, similar to me, may add to the choice people make when using a polish from this collection.

The polishes I wore on my nails have long lasting gel effect and are very easy to apply due to the medium size brush. The Nude Hue ‘Dream’ looked creamy choclatley on my nails which complimented my skin tone.

I am very eager to try out other polishes from this collection, so keep an eye out for further posts. 😉

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