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As the blog title suggests I have recently been on vacation and have now returned home to London. When I go away for more than 4 days I always tend to get a shellac manicure done. Reason being is I find shellac polish to be more durable than normal nail polish and when on vacation I want to be able to fully enjoy my time and do as much as I can without having to think about doing my nails.

For my recent trip, which was to celebrate my birthday, a dear friend of mine gifted me with a voucher for a shellac manicure at Absolute Joy Spa in Clapham Junction.

Daisy DND Soak off Gel Polish in ‘Tropical Teal’- Freshly done

Nails while on Vacation

I went with this Tropical Teal polish because the majority of my vacation was going to be spent in Jamaica and I wanted a bright but subtle colour.  This Daisy DND gel polish offered just that, but what I really liked about this colour polish was that, depending on lighting the polish looked blue, aqua or teal. It is like a 3-4-1 deal :-).

When I have a shellac polish I try to not keep it on for more than 2 weeks. In the past when I did keep shellac polish on for longer my nails would weaken. I would advise this for anyone else who may have had the same experience after taking off a shellac polish. After I remove the polish I will let my nails go bare for 4-5 days just to give the nails a break from polish and to concentrate more on the care of the cuticles and nail plate.

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