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Hello Nail Lovers,

It is no secret that one of my main aims is to ‘nail that chip’, I am forever searching for durable polishes and seeking to learn techniques to help minimise nail chips. So I was thrilled to stumble across the Morgan Taylor React Extended Wear base and top coat. A duo that can be used with ANY nail polish and offers up to 10 day wear, consisting of ‘gelish infused technology’ so offers a gel like shine but without the use of an UV or LED lamp. I put it to the test and here is what I found.

I applied 1 coat of the Morgan Taylor React extended base coat to my nails, which was easy to use due to the wide flat brush, I then applied 2 coats of Sinful Colours polish in ‘Innocent’ and finished with 2 coats of the top coat. The top coat was a lot thicker than the base coat, it would take 3 strokes to apply to each nail, the plus side is that the top coat dries very quickly and within 15 mins my nails we’re good to go. Once dry my nails looked very glossy which brought out the stunning colour of the Sinful Colours polish.

Natural light

Day 3, nails still maintained a great shine, and with almost half of the compliments I received everyone  thought I had a shellec manicure.


Left hand


By end of day 7 cracks began to appear and polish was pealing slightly at the tips. I had 3 nail chips to my right hand, but as per usual my left hand (pictured) remained fairly in tact with just the cracks in the polish. There was still a good amount of gloss to my nails but with the visible cracks and chips, I no longer had a ‘polished look’ and so removed the polish with regular acetone based nail polish remover.

My nails did not make it to day 10, but by using the Morgan Taylor React extended wear base and top coat I got a full week out of my polish. I will definitely be using again and would recommend this duo if you are looking for longer wear of your polish.

I purchased each bottle for £12.95 from

Sinful Colours ‘Innocent’ polish £2 in store from

Happy polishing loves


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