February Nail File 2

The Nail File: Below are my nail looks throughout February.

Week 1: Still a Tropical Nail Gel Tip

Polish- Daisy DND Tropical Teal Gel Polish

Chip Test

Application– x2 coats
I had this gel manicure done towards the end of January for a vacation, they lasted 14 days before I got them removed.


Week 2&3: Strengthening

Polish- Sally Hansen Strengther

Application – x2 coats applied week 1 and then removed and reapplied for week 2 .

After taking off the gel polish I wanted to give my nails a break from any polish, for me this allows my nails to remain healthy and strong.


Week 4:  Berlin Nude

Polish- Opi – Berlin There Done That

Chip Test

Application– x2 coats
Total days before chips– 2 (1 chip on right hand)
Total number of Chips at week end–  3 (on right hand)


My weekly nail looks with chip checks are posted to my Instagram page.


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