Crazy over Nail Caddy

Hey Nail Lovers,

I just cannot contain my excitment over the new nail organiser I have,  which is *drum roll * the Nail Caddy!!! If you have not heard about it do not fear as I have all the details you need.

The Nail Caddy is, a double sided stylish nail polish storage organiser holder. It can hold up to 60 nail polishes  (I have 62 in mine 🙈) . What I like best about the Nail Caddy is that it is large enough to store a sufficient amount of nail polishes but is not too big where it takes up a lot of space, it is strong and durable but not heavy, so if you are a mobile nail tech you will find it quite easy to carry around.

Organising- When nail polishes are placed into the Nail Caddy it makes the selection process a little more easy (well almost), polishes can be arranged how you like, for me I like a structure to the way I organise my polishes, which is usually by colour. Once in the Nail Caddy it’s then easy to access any polish and when doing clients nails they have a clear view of polishes to choose from.

Each compartment accommodates for the various average nail polish size, so you do not have to worry if your OPI, Essie, China Glaze, M.Y.N.X London, Leighton Denny, Itsy Nails or Sally Hansen bottles will fit because they will. If however, you have any Christian Louboutin bottles then obviously they will not fit into any of the 60 compartments, but, like me, you may wish to use the compartment reserved for tools, which is longer and wider and perfect for bigger polish bottles.

Such a beautiful structure to my life ❤️. The handle is at the top which is great for carrying the Nail Caddy around.

Two way opening, this view shows the compartment for tools, where I placed my Christian Louboutin and Ted Baker bottles.

Lastly, the Nail Caddy comes with a free salon pro nail polish remover bottle, which is a pump bottle as opposed to the standard nail polish remover bottle, giving you a very professional touch.

So, if you are a nail enthusiast, nail tech or just a nail fanatic then I urge you to get the Nail Caddy. You will not be disappointed 😊.

Nail Caddy can be purchased directly from, I purchased mine for £27.99 with free shipping from


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