A Remedy For Perfect Nails

I live by the motto ‘healthy nails are the prettiest’, so I was extremely excited to be introduced to the nail polish and nail care brand Dr’s Remedy. To give you a little insight, Dr’s Remedy products are formulated by actual Doctors!! This line aids brittle and discoloured nails and is an enriched, 8 free formula nail line. I know what your thinking, this is just too good to be true, well I thought the same thing so I had to see for myself.

Instead of trying out one of their nail polishes I went for a nail treatment, the Hydrating Treatment, which contains biotin, wheat protein, tee tree oil and vitamins that promote moisturised, strong, healthy and clear nails. This treatment can be used alone or as a base coat before polish is applied.

Dr’s Remedy- Hydrating Treatment, can be bought from http://www.remedynails.com and http://www.amazon.co.uk

I applied Dr’s Remedy Hydrating Treatment to my bare nails and left for 4 days. My nails are usually strong and healthy anyway so I did not notice any change there, but what I did notice was by day 2 my nails had a much clearer appearance! Unfortunately I did not take a before picture, but sometimes, and depending on the nail polish I’ve used, the tips of my nails can look a little discoloured but by using this hydrating treatment my nails had a brighter and clearer look.

By taking regular polish breaks, about 2-3 days no nail polish just a nail treatment or strengthener will help nails to grow up more healthy and strong. This applies to nearly all aspects of beauty if shown the proper care and attention, for instance my hair, for it to grow healthy and to be more manageable I not only give it a good wash but I have regular deep conditioning treatments. Care is care people and just remember my motto ‘healthy [insert area of beauty] is/are the prettiest’ :-).


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