2017- A Basic Start

Happy New Year All

As this is my first blog post and the first day of the New Year I feel that it is only right to set a precedent for a nail care regime. Now, this is not a New Year’s resolution (I am sure we are all guilty of setting New Year’s resolutions and by February 1 or 2 are out the window).  Instead of making nail care a resolution let’s make it apart of our daily routine.  The way I see it is, if having a nail care regime is something you routinely do every day/night then naturally it becomes apart of you.

If you love everything nail polish and paint your nails weekly, but do not care for your nails you may be missing a trick.  Yes wearing the most stunning nail polish can be quite empowering plus gets you loads of compliments but it could also get you unwanted attention. Let’s say if you have 1 or 2 chips on your great looking polished nails, you do not want people to then be drawn to any broken skin around your nails, or your moisture lacking hands! No, you do not want anyone to stare at this because it is definitely not cute!

Below are my top tips to the nail care regime I currently follow, feel free to do the same or use as guidance to create your own nail care regime.

Moisture- Every time I wash my hands I use a moisturising cream to restore the  moisture that may be lost ( some soaps and handwash gels have harsh ingredients that may lead to dry skin). I keep a tube of cream in my handbag and on my desk at work, this way I have no excuse for lack of moisture to my hands and nails.

Cuticle Oil– At night, after I have my shower and just before going to sleep I use Vitamin E nail and cuticle oil, as stated on the bottle I brush onto my nails and cuticles and gently massage in, this helps to keep my nails strong and cuticles healthy.  You can purchase cuticle oil to use daily or whenever you feel like it, for me this regime works best. It is pretty basic and inexpensive plus lasts a good while.

Nail Tip– With the nail and cuticle oil a little goes a long way, you do not need to brush a lot of oil onto your nails and cuticles, I usually take the brush out the bottle and brush a lot of the excess oil onto the bottle before stroking once around my cuticles and either side of my nails then massage in (video illustration uploading soon).

Aveeno cream £6.99 , Sally Hansen Vitamin E & Cuticle Oil £6.95 both purchased from  Superdrug 

So, go forth and apply that nail care with love, feel free to leave a comment or contact me if you have any questions at all.

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